Dennis Twigg

Dennis Twigg

Writer and author of The Great Game.

The latest episode of Star Wars is going to be more polarizing than the often-maligned prequels. It’s my theory that the key source tension between fans and haters has to do with a few key ways people view the movie. In particular, the original series and prequels were all built

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The solution to Fox having almost irrevocably broken their X-Men Franchise was a set of decadienal prequels. It was, at first blush, a convoluted idea that drew the worst lessons from comics: needlessly interjecting more complex devices into an already solid concept. Then, a strange thing happened: they were good.

The good news is I have published two parts of my serial novel, The Great Game. The even better news is that I have a complete draft of every part complete! So, rest assured, the full story will available for you. Ultimately, there are six parts planned. They are to


In our social media sphere, the reaction to virtually every news story is strangely predictable. It begins with hype, enthusiasm, and support OR knee-jerk disdain and contempt. Then, contrarians rally against that initial reaction. Pokemon GO seems to have captured that see-saw of opinion quite nicely, but has the additional


The ninth episode of the sixth season of the Game of Thrones was a fantastic episodic moment. It had satisfying moments that moved the story in a much-needed direction. However, to get there the writer’s threw one of the major themes of the show out.   What I loved: Inevitably, we

Taken on its face, football is a bad game.  An NFL football game has 60 minutes of “play.” It takes roughly 3 hours to complete this period of competition. And in that time, only 11 minutes of actual football are played. If you were forced to play games with such

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This review contains spoilers for Captain America: Civil War and was original posted here. I thoroughly enjoyed Captain America: Civil War, but watching it with my wife, I was struck by a few major compromises the film made. The emotional and intellectual core of the movie was a validation of Marvel’s

This wasn’t exactly what I was planning. Even this blog post ends up with some light spoilers for The Great Game: Game On, but if this story taught me anything it’s that I’ve grown enough as a writer to trust my instincts. Way back in 2013, I had a goal