The latest episode of Star Wars is going to be more polarizing than the often-maligned prequels. It’s my theory that the key source tension between fans and haters has to do with a few key ways people view the movie. In particular, the original series and prequels were all built

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The solution to Fox having almost irrevocably broken their X-Men Franchise was a set of decadienal prequels. It was, at first blush, a convoluted idea that drew the worst lessons from comics: needlessly interjecting more complex devices into an already solid concept. Then, a strange thing happened: they were good.

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This review contains spoilers for Captain America: Civil War and was original posted here. I thoroughly enjoyed Captain America: Civil War, but watching it with my wife, I was struck by a few major compromises the film made. The emotional and intellectual core of the movie was a validation of Marvel’s