The Great Game Going Forward

The good news is I have published two parts of my serial novel, The Great Game. The even better news is that I have a complete draft of every part complete! So, rest assured, the full story will available for you. Ultimately, there are six parts planned. They are to be released as follows:

August 1st, 2016 – The Great Game: Fair Game (Part III)
September 2016 – The Great Game: Confidence Game (Part IV)
October 2016 – The Great Game: Name of the Game (Part V)
November 2016 – The Great Game: Wargames (Part VI)

Complete drafts of parts 3,4, and 5 are already complete. Part 6 has an extremely rough draft done, but typically I do a story edit before really polishing it up. The other parts are in varying degrees of completeness, with the more imminent releases being progressively closer to completion. So, the good news is the series is all written in some form. There’s no reason to fear that I’m going to run out of narrative steam or time to write, because the heavy lifting is complete.

The series is envisioned to be read and enjoyed in any order. However, I confess as you get into parts 4 through 5, I believe that they are better understood having read their previous portions. I still wrote them to be read in any order, but my instinct tells me as the setting and narrative evolved there comes with it more inevitable baggage that I did not totally shed between each tale. That makes the overall story told throughout all six stories stronger even if it does compromise some of original goals regarding accessibility.

As for Part 6, it’s a little bit of a narrative experiment. The end result will be that it violates my goal of ‘accessible at any starting point.’ It was a tough decision, but as I honed the story that I wanted to tell, it became clear that giving the serial novel a fitting conclusion was directly at odds with my accessibility goals. So, in conclusion, Parts 1-5 are readable in any order, with Part 6 acting as a definitive conclusion to the serial novel.

So, stay tuned as The Great Game continues!

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